I met Raven in town at B&N for coffee. We headed for the Restore (RS) to see what was available. I found some good finish nails for the cabinet faces to be used discretely under the doors and drawers. Raven picked out some nice handles for the cabinet doors, only six matched and we need seven.  I picked out a similar one to practice with gun bluing patina, but I’ll need to soak it in lacquer thinner to remove the plastic coat.

We stopped by TJs for lunch supplies and headed for the Home Depot. We checked out exhaust fans, more research required on the codes, picked up some clear goop for sealing the sinks and grabbed a few color swatches to match the cabinet doors light yellow.

As I made an appointment with Luis to check Raven’s truck we stopped at his place in Geyserville, as he opened the hood the air filter was sitting on the engine not installed. That explains the strange whistling sound, put it back in, no charge, thanks.

Raven cooked lunch of lentil soup and a half cheese sandwich, perfect.  She put another coat of clear on the ceiling and front wall, that’s a lot. As we forgot, I stopped up town for 5 stainless screws at Harry’s. Raven helped me hold up the hand sink as I applied the liquid nails adhesive after pre-drilling the 5 screws, secured and cleaned with water and paper towels.



I’ll use the clear stuff tomorrow for a thin coat on both sinks after this dries.

I dug around the shop as I know we have more drawer fronts with that handle Rave likes, pirate booty Tom and I got off a sunken boat the night before they crushed it. Tom Becker get’s the credit here, thanks. Found 3, just enough, I installed them, looking good!


I installed the two florescent lights above the windows.  Raven noticed the Formica counter is bubbling, not good.  I can pull it up with some difficulty, as I bought the 3M 77 red bottle, they didn’t have the better black can. I pealed back half of it, found all the clamps and a couple 3/4 ply sheets to hold it down, adjusted the clamps, oops, it stuck again, pealed it back easier and snap clamped it open. I pumped in some liquid nails and spread it thin with a plastic putty knife, added the plywood and all the clamps, cleaning the edge with damp sponge.

Time for Raven to head home, I put away the tools, set up the saw horses in the garage and set the counter in there to dry. We shall see. If it doesn’t take I’ll peal it off, belt sand the wood and add another sheet as I have enough Formica to do it again. If it takes I’ll do the same on the other half.

A good day.

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