Good day. We have running water!, it leaks but we have running cold water. I’ll have to swap out a couple valves and add some teflon tape here and there but it’s working at both sinks. The drain line is mostly perfect though the hand sink doesn’t want to stay flat as the connecting hose is a little twisted, minor tweak but no drain leaks.
Let see, I started with gluing down the main stainless sink counter with the 77 spray contact cement, 2 slats were all it needed to hold it apart for alignment as it doesn’t flex. When tacky I set it up and dropped it in place, good. I tried fitting the faucet but it wouldn’t set flush, the holes are just a tiniest bit close. I got out a small grinder bit attached to the drill and enlarged the stainless holes, then put on a rotary rasp and flaired the wood to match, it fits flush. As I had the drill set up, I cut a bit of clearance in the sink frame with the rotary rasp.
I installed the main faucet and added the new hoses, attached a couple valves and pex connectors with the copper fittings I made a few weeks ago. (After all I found the new valve in the box to fix the leak)
I searched the garage for the PVC glue (found Gary’s espresso machine you might like), gave up and went to Bosworth’s for another can. I glued up the check valve, it’ll wait to dry.
Time for pex joints, using the cheap HF cutter I started cutting tubes to length careful to get them square. They’re hard to fit to the Flair-it connectors, wiggle and push using the door mat towel to protect my hand and knees. Up from the pump, a tee fitting, one to the main sink cold, another tee and to the hand sink cold, tie in another tee and 2 valves for the city line and hot water supply. Tie the two hot waters together with a tee for the hot return, yet to be drilled. I’ll need to make a sketch for the post and the auditor.
The pex connections are fine, the valves are leaking some, swap valves and teflon tape to fix. The pump works great, pressurizes the system and shuts off, until the leaks kick it back on, but it’s a good pump. I need to drill holes for the heater out/in lines and pick up a couple 5″ nipples for the throughs.
Hot and cold running soon, and a perfect drain system. Pics to be added tomorrow.

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