Another good vardo day. We met in town at Barnes & Nobles (B&N) for Starbuck’s coffee, checked out a cook book, Raven a magazine but bought neither. We took my car to the salvage yard, picked up a 2′ x 4′ sheet of aluminum for the stove counter and a 1/2″ ball valve for the water heater gas line. Headed to Friedman’s for some water base (wb) polyurethane and a nice 2″ sash Purdy brush. A quick stop at TJ’s for almond butter and stuff, headed for home.

TJ’s cheese tortellini with smoked trout al Fredo, better than tuna noodle.

Raven started right up on finishing the P counter front with the new WB varnish. Nice stuff, goes on milky but dries clear, and quickly. I served the lunch as she finished the first coat.

After lunch Raven did more coats as I prepped a 1 1/2″ PVC tube for the counter as we need a through hole to feed the refrigerator electric line. The hole saws don’t fit that size pipe OD, at Rave’s suggestion I cut it under size and ground it out to fit the tube with a rotary router.

Before that I glued the two fake drawer fronts to the sink side. Precarious that, it slipped off the saw horses with the clamp weight, a small crack I’ll need to glue. Raven moved inside and removed the table and benches, laid a tarp on the floor and varnished the front wall. It really brings out the color of the luan, in the following pic, the ceiling and wall are the same wood. And best the WB has no fumes.


Meanwhile I prepped the P side counter for the Formica. As the birch was dry I moved it to the upright benches and laid out the Formica on the door bench with a couple spring clamps to hold it.  I sprayed the Formica and plywood with the 777 3M glue. When it was dry to tacky I laid out a bunch of slat wood to hold them apart as Darin suggested. I called on Raven for help as she was just finishing the front wall. We moved the sheet over to the ply and lined it up. I pulled the center slat and stuck it down, moving out from the center one slat at a time to fit. Rave went back to finishing. I pulled all the slats and got it stuck down, pressed in, then used the router flush cut bit to trim it all mostly flush.  A little trimming with the sanding block and it’s looking good. Ready to remove the plastic cover.

Raven says No, leave the cover on, just peal a corner. She’s right, but it would be nice to see.


The pic shows the Formica counter, also the cabinet face finish as opposed to the unfinished drawers, it’s going to look good. Here’s a shot of the bared Formica.


It’s going to look good, quarter round in the edges to cover any gaps, tight.

Rave finished the sink side less the crack I’l fix tomorrow. A good day, though I need to get to plumbing. We have a Formica serving counter with a cutout for refrigerator power, finished front wall and cabinet faces, that’s a good day.

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