Vardo day, a productive one. As I forgot to glue up the ply for the false drawers to the main sink, I did that first with all the clamps I could find.

I drove to town, Shenton’s for chicken root soup supplies (cup of coffee) and Garrett’s for some plumbing gaskets. Raven left a message, on her way,  here.

I worked on the new aluminum divider for the hand sink, sanding it with the 0rbital sander, gave up on that and just did it by hand with a coarser grit, removing the paint while sitting in the sun, perfect day.  Raven sanding on the bench plywood near by.

I finished the divider, washed up and cooked the soup. A stew really, chicken, potatoes, carrots, a parsnip, onion, herbs from the garden and a half bottle of cheap wine, bit of flour to thicken it. Rice crackers re-baked in the oven to crisp them up. Tasty lunch in the vardo with a Tiny Houses book to check out from the library.

After lunch I cut out the plywood counter to match the new aluminum hand sink piece with a 1 1/2″ hole saw for the faucet, half way through, then from the other side to prevent splintering the wood.  Again for the sink hole starter, then around with the jig saw. I’ll leave the laser paper on to protect it for now.


Looking good with the sink bowl and faucet loosely installed. The drain hoses should work well as this one is just a little above the main drain.

Raven worked on the cabinet doors, sanding and varnishing the scraped wood. She’s thinking to get some same color light yellow paint for the inner parts and do a ‘shabby sheik’ effect with wood trim around.


It’s looking good, doors all over the outdoor living room.

Meanwhile, I marked the P side counter underneath at the door end where the extension needs to be secured.  I cut a piece of the scrap 3/4 plywood to fit, glued and screwed it to the short piece then secured it outside on the saw horses with glue, clamps and screws. Fitting it inside the seams didn’t line up, took it out, released the screws one side, clamped it flat with relief boards and re-screwed it, then the other side, good. It fits flush now with a bit of belt sanding.

I puttied up the joint, trued with the belt and spray glued the first Formica to the end. I’ll need the router and it’s in drawer mode. I cut the false drawers on the table saw then routered them, they’ll be fine. I changed the router bit to flush cut, trimmed the end Formica, works though a bit excess, the belt sander fixes it.  Next the front including the inner curve, Rave helped keep it flush. The router won’t cut the inner curve, used the belt sander, then the last outer edge routered to fit.  There’s not enough light to finish the top, next week or maybe Monday as I’m off Presidents day.  May sail tomorrow.


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