Well I cut the hand sink counter out tonight. There wasn’t enough stock to fold all the upper parts and the area isn’t square, so I just trimmed it flush with a down bend up front. We can add wood trim or that floor stuff, silicone goop, it’ll be fine. I also cut a piece for the divider but it needs fine sanding and trimming to fit the back wall angle. I cut the 1 1/2″ faucet hole with the Rotex punch, then set it to 1/2″ and cut the main sink to 10.5″ a chunk at a time. Once the part was loose I switched to the max 2″ punch and trimmed the points flush to make a good circle for the sink. Then I folded the front edge up on the brake. I sanded it all down this evening when I got home to deburr it. The sink fits, the counter fits, the splash guard needs a trim in back to fit the wall. I can cut the holes in the counter plywood tomorrow, make the hand sink station. That’s the hold up on the plumbing, git’er done. Well that and the PEX connectors need to get here as ordered.

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