I didn’t cut any metal yet. I went to the machine shop and measured the large hole punches, the number I have written is 1 3/8, the punches are 1 1/4 or 1 1/2. I just measured, 1 1/2 will work on your new faucet. Also just remeasured the hand sink counter, 19 3/8 wide X 19 deep (x 3/4). It’s a good thing I rechecked as my numbers at work are an 1/8″ short. I also need to borrow a nibbler, a hand tool that takes out an eighth inch square each squeeze, for the sink hole, 10 1/2″ dia. I just cut a card stock template using my homemade large wooden compass, easier here than at work. Mostly ready to cut now.

The walls aren’t really square so there will be some fudge factoring here. I just measured again, I’m thinking cut it to 19 1/2 wide but not bend it then sand, no we want that bend to keep the water in. Maybe an 1/8″ less and add a wooden spacer, I don’t know, I’ll talk to Darin about it before cutting.

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