I cruised up the hill today and picked up Raven as her truck is acting up, that’s one windy road. On the way home we stopped in Healdsburg for gas and gold paint.

On returning I loosened the clamps on the doubled 1/4″ birch plywood I glued up last night for the drawer fronts,  a good tight fit. I trimmed the first edge smooth on the table saw with the fence maxed out.  The measurement on the widest drawer including a 1/2″ overlap each side is 13 1/4″, set the fence and cut that. I checked with Raven (she’s practicing gold paint) on the height of the drawers, a 1/4″ overlap each side shall do.  Set the fence at 4″ and cut three, then trimmed the other two at 13 1/8″ and 13″ even with the miter. I brought out the router, router table and quarter round bit, hooked it all up.  I checked with Rave, if I raise the bit a little we’ll get a square edge then the round, yea lets do that. A test board looked good on the second adjustment.  The short ends are tricky, i stopped and built a square miter jig to fit the slot on the table, much better.  I finished the cuts, clamped one in place to admire for lunch.

Raven cooked up some green beans and leftover butternut squash casserole. We ate at the table in the vardo, yum.

Raven had finished doubling up the Nordic template and painted a test piece in gold, then transferred the pattern to the corners.  It’ll look good.

corner detail


She also worked on a test cabinet door, trying to make it look like wood with varnish and stain.

Before and after

Before and after

It looks good though maybe a lighter can of stain, good experimenting.

I trimmed the front drawer notches on the table saw, sanded then attached the drawer fronts to the drawers with a couple screws each. The handles should give extra support.



Next I cut some notches in the bench to fit the bench backs, this was a challenge as the notches need to be angled, each kerf cut adjusted for depth to make a square angled cut.  I went through it twice, it still needs another pass.


It’s looking good. Raven asked for a couple more fake drawer fronts on the sink side. I located the right size blank scrap, but it’s picture time then back up the hill. The router table is set up for next week. I’ll glue it up some evening this week. I also need to cut and fold the aluminum for the hand sink this week evenings at work in the model shop.

A good day, much done.

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