I got a few things done. Yesterday I went to RS at lunch, somebody bought out the pex connectors, shucks. I did find a large 1 1/2″ valve for the grey water drain. After work I stopped at Friedman’s hoping they’d have Flair-it connectors, nope. I did pick up 2 half inch nipples for the check valves and a short 2″ nipple for the drain valve.
This morning I went to Mud’s for coffee and Bosworth’s for screws for the water heater shield and a 6″ piece of 1 1/2″ PVC for the grey drain, the PVC was free scrap, thanks Harry. I chucked the 2″ nipple on the lathe and bored it out to fit the PVC pipe, cut the pipe to length, it fits, we have a drain valve, need a hose yet, oh and an air escape on top. It still needs to be glued, it’s here somewhere.
I started on the water heater wind shield when you called, broke down, I’ll get you tomorrow. I used the punch to install the hinges and latch on the shield, though the last hole on the latch wouldn’t fit the punch depth, drilled it instead. The shield is in place in the last batten bay 3′ below the eve.
L5 Shield

L5 Shield

I put a screw in to hold the heater in place, but needs a 2″ spacer from the wall to meet the specs. I installed the hot out quick connects, grabbed the loose parts and headed for Garret’s.
I found a valved hose splitter for the hot out and a 1/2″ adapter so we can run the hot in or attach the shower connector. I also found a couple (M/F) hose to 1/2″ barbs to connect the inside system to the heater. And a 1/2 FPT to barb that fits the pump intake replacing one of the pex connects for better use.
I came home and fitted things together, it’ll work nicely, though we still need a few more 1/2″ pex connections for the check valves. I glued and heavily clamped two of the cabinet door cut outs together in preparation for the drawer fronts tomorrow. Also added the pump E-connects.
Above is a pic of the heater with (right to left) quick connect cold in and 1/2″ barb, hot water out quick connect, valved splitter, 1/2″ adapter¬†with shower attached and 1/2″ barb hot in, then the gas in and batteries. I have to keep it inside as it’s freezing nights.

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