2/3/2013 Superbowl Sunday

I did a little on the vardo, but more experimenting than done. Worked on the P side cabinet angle and aft face. I fitted the top and bottom angles, they’ll be fine and the lower flat base is good. I tried a few things with the pillar, tried to make a mitered cover, too difficult, went with a square edge but still not sure about the fridge side. I need to put the fridge in place to figure. I cut a good piece for the aft face to the P side door, but it extends into the 30″ limit. I’m thinking to trim it way down, almost a veneer, but I’ll need to make a flush plate on the table saw to do that as that thin a cut will fall through the table otherwise. It would be a good tool to have anyway. I also removed the main P fascia and cut the last drawer hole complete with the jig saw where the angle was in the way for the router. Put it back up and took a measurement to trim the drawer notches to be flush using the small sliding square. I’ll need to transfer that to the table saw, but the game starts soon, time to go. The drawer fronts will need to be cut double, glued, routered round and attached.
 (later, Ravens won)
I just checked the mailbox, a package from Amazon, a Shurflo filter for the pump and 2 Nelson water quick connects for the water heater. It’s coming together.

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