Mellow day, did a bit. I had an idea on how to mount the pump and still be able to remove it in freezing weather. I went to Garrett’s hardware and picked up 4 T-nuts, 10-32 size, plus 4 wing nuts and 4 screws. Plus coffee at Flying Goat.

Got home, cut a piece of 1/2″ ply 4″ x 5″, drilled it to fit the T nuts spaced to fit the pump.  Added the 10-32 screws, fitted the pump and wing nuts, it works. Took it out, measured the fit to the wheel well and mounted it with 2 wood screws, removed it and counter sunk the marked screw heads to the wheel well, then replaced the mount with 4 wood screws. It works, a mount for a removable pump. It’ll still need a quick disconnect for the electric.

I covered the two cutouts for the outside lights on the back wall with thin panel stuff and small sheet metal screws, 2 each.

I sanded most of the filled screw holes in prep for the flush cut router when it dawned on me, the P side drawers are not set up with spacers for the router. I measured them all, about 13/16ths (little over 3/4″) at 3 1/2″, cut 6 on the table saw and fitted them. The aft drawer has a bit wider gap, cut a couple spacers from scrap. I’ll need to clamp and glue them in but it’s getting dark, enough.

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