We got some done today.  I met Raven at the Community Market, picked up some herbs and roots for lunch. We took my car down to the salvage yard and picked up a sheet of aluminum for the heater cover. I want to make a shield over it to keep the wind from blowing out the flame but keep it open top and bottom. I’ll draw it up at work, then bring in the metal, cut it on the sheer and brake the folds after hours in the model shop.  I’ll fold a small lip on top and bottom to strengthen the structure, maybe a pop rivet in the corners to hold its shape. Hinged forward for access and latched aft.

Picked up Raven’s truck and headed home. Chicken root stew for lunch served in the vardo as we discussed plans.  That done Raven worked on the cabinet doors.

I started with knocking the table down and cutting a leaf from the mahogany ply to fit behind it on the table saw. Also drilled holes in the bench covers so the table pegs seat to hold it all in place, a bed surface for vardo mode.


I put quick dry putty in all the cabinet screw holes so the flush cut router won’t gouge the face panel.  Next I called Raven in, where do you want shelves? We’ll leave the D side alone until plumbing is in place, on the P side lets extend the wheel well forward and keep it at 6 1/4″, then add another shelf  half way up all the way out 13″ wide. I cut 1 x 2s for bracing on the ends and one in the middle to hold up the long piece.


The pic was before the middle piece was installed but the end support and lower shelf are visible as well as the door frames with dark putty in the screw holes to be sanded flush. Thought, we should add a slat in front of the lower shelf  to keep things in on the road. I still need to cut the upper shelf, may need to go out back to find a good piece of pine shelving where the landlord’s son threw out a bunch, mind the good stuff is deep. Maybe tomorrow. A good day.


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