I talked to Darin about how to cut the plywood to fit the frames today. He suggested using a flush cut router (I have) as it would give an absolute fit to the frames except for the corners where we can saw them out. I’m thinking the Japanese pull saw cuts flush in the corners. He said we need to be careful to fill any voids in the frame as the router bearing will drop in and cause an indent. We’ll need to putty that, especially the countersunk screws.
We’ll rough cut the plywood to fit to save the excess, fasten it to the frame either temporarily with clamps (several so we can move them without loosing registration) or permanent glue, drill starter holes then router them out. I’m thinking clamps then glue after so we have more clamps in place for the glue to dry.
I reprinted that pattern you like at about 75%, four on the page, why not. I also penned one in as I had after hours time to kill. It’ll fit the 1 1/2″ slats nicely. Then I flipped the page and copied freehand the curved pattern, a few minor mods but pretty much the same. I drew a couple arcs, then fit the pattern inside all in pencil as you can erase it. It wouldn’t be hard to straighten it out either. Drawing patterns on paper, anything is possible there. My friend Art.

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