1/21/13 Sink Cabinets


As it’s MLK day I worked some more on the driver side (D) cabinets.  I disassembled the sink, stove and lifted the whole cabinet frame out to the driveway on it’s side.  To get the stove section lower frame in, I had to unscrew the lower screws in the frame sides and swivel them out so I could drill and screw them straight in from the bottom, then refasten the sides. I had to remove the stove paneling to get the upper hand sink frame screw in place, counter sinking all the screws so panels will be flat. Once all the frames were screwed in place, I put it back in the vardo, replacing the sink and stove. Took a couple pics posted below. A good day.



I’ll need to panel it next. Thinking the D side can be removed again and clamped to the birch plywood then mark it out for cutting. I’ll need to check the floor to back wall for square first. The P side I’ll need to leave in place and do with measurements on the outside cuts. Once fitted I can draw in the door and drawer cuts from above with the counter off. I’ll need to ask Darin about cutting the inner cuts smooth. I put the two spare bench supports under the P counter by the table and clamped it tight to try and relieve the warp there, leave it until next week.

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