1/20/13 P counter

Productive day on the vardo. From this morning “Just finished soldering the copper connectors, I fixed the torch and used jewelry grade silver solder, beyond code, just silver and copper. They are in the slow cooker pickling off the borax flux, be fine. I also glued the last cabinet door, drying now.”
So I worked on other stuff below, then pulled the connectors out of the hot sodium bisulfite pickle, a mild acid to dissolve the borax flux. Rinsed and checked them with the oral thumb vacuum test, one still leaked. Cranked up the torch again (oxy-acetylene hot) with a ring of wire silver solder and more borax, watched the liquid neon ring flow capillary tight, quenched and back in the pickle.
So I worked on the server counter P side, the two done doors match at 18″ x 11 1/8″ so I cut the next spacers for the wider back cabinet again 18″ long at 1 3/8″ each side. The front cabinet door still under clamps drying is a little narrower 10 7/8″. The split difference was again 18″ x 1 3/8″, cut on the table saw. I clamped them up pulling the warp out, drilled and screwed them one by one forward to aft. The doors fit well, some room for hinges. We can always unscrew them if they need a final trim.
Time to fit the counter on top as I know the size of the 1/4″ siding. I secured the frame, screwing it into place in four places at 32″ high. I fit the last big 3/4 ply panel, needs a 1/4″ removed for the window trim, did that first including the front 1/8 panel. Refit it and marked underneath in pencil as pens don’t flow up. I measured the birch plywood facing width with the sliding square tight, then transferred the measurement to the counter top, laid out with the big straight edge in ink at a 1/4″ wider, cut with the jig saw but first verifying the blade square and following the line tight, back filling occasionally to get it perfect as possible. Nearing the wider angle I stopped and grabbed the duct tape for a clean curve penned in and resumed. Relief cuts to make the straight, stopping before the cutoff, trimmed any wide cuts to the line as close as possible, then cut it off. It fits great, a little wide aft on the wall, but the 1/4 round coving will cover it. There’s a 3″ gap as expected to the back wall, I measured and cut a piece to fill it, tight, sanded good, still need to cut the lower support that will join the two pieces flush.
I measured the total length at 75″, then checked the Formica roll sheet length, plenty of room with enough width to get the edge stock.
As the cab door was dry enough I removed the clamps, taped the doors up inside and took a shot.
I screwed in the under stove vertical planks. As the door is measuring tight in height, I trimmed a kerf width off the inside bottom door on the table saw, not visible and it’ll fit. I’ll need to disassemble the D-side to attach the lower stove plank. I disconnected the drain but will wait until tomorrow.
I twist wired the fuse into pump circuit, the switch needs figuring, hmm.
I pulled the last copper solder from the pickle pot, looks good, sanded them all shiny as the game ended, 49ers won. Finished out by cutting the bottom of the drawers to catch shut, will need to do that again after the 1/4 panels are up. A good day.

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