I read some stuff on line this evening about pex, interesting. These connectors we got are cool, Flair-it, no crimp connections. I looked through the elbows we got, four are FPT (female pipe thread), perfect for the stop valves to the sink connections. I’m thinking we want more of these if they still have them. We have enough (4) tees to make it I think but the elbows are useful in different configurations. Some 3/4 FPT to 1/2 pex connects with stop valves would be good for the heater connections, though the sharkbite quick connects would be better but at more than 10 times the cost. Pex to pex elbows are good, MPT to pex too. I think I may check out RS for more of these some time tomorrow. We can just clamp them down with the pipe straps I got (or plumbing tape). We’ll also need some check valves to meet code. I’ve made them before with vinyl tubing and a ball bearing, cut one straight (stop), and one with a notch (flow) with a tube over size to fit, it works well, but to code?? May need to buy something approved. Hot and cold running shall be.

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