I did a little more on the vardo today. It turns out the new putty doesn’t really dry, shucks, need to get a different jar. I figured that out after going to town for one last fitting for the drain, so that will need to wait for next week.
It took me awhile to find the drain tubing, nicely hidden next to the refrigerator, it all fits. I got out the hole saws, found the right size for the pipe in the floor, larger would be better, enough to fit my home made expansion plug, measuring underneath, 2″ while the Xplug is 3″ tall, bigger hole. There is a 2×4 underneath to hold the grey water tank at an angle, may hit it, oh well, can always move it. I drilled the hole through the floor. Sure enough, hit the 2×4, switched bits to the long one and punched through the tank to mark the location.  Broke out the green cushion and crawled underneath, removing the tank, unscrewing the 2×4, re-drilling it and securing it with the same ground down screws.
I changed the hole saw to fit the expansion plug size, drilled through the plastic tank. I went in and found the brass holder I made to hold the plug while tightening to expand the rubber grommet, that and the big bent pliers. It went in right, fits tight, cool, nicely engineered. I installed the tank from underneath, securing the straps once the expansion plug was in place through the floor hole. Back inside, I measured the height to cut the drain tube, a tinny bit long is OK but it still needs to clear the tailpiece, cut on the band saw, it fits.
We need to seal the floor. I found the right size hole saw to fit the tube adapter and another larger one. A scrap of good mahogany 1/4 plywood , large drilled, then smaller, fitted in but will need some calk to seal it tight. Not yet as we need to remove and redo to complete the cabinets. We have a good drain, although it will leak until we get the hand sink installed unless we plug that. The drain to the grey tank will work.
I need to add an air relief and a drain hose, but the sinks will drain to the tank. The hose will complete the flow to city, but we need a large valve to comply to code, 2″ fits the tank or whatever size hose we use. We’re good.

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