1/1/2013 Happy New Year!

 Happy New Year! I got a few things done today on the vardo, little things added up. I found the phosphoric rust paint, painted the surfaces you cleaned on the LP rack with it, also sanded and painted the gas elbow with it. They’ll all need paint over as it’s a primer but the rust is dead.
I cut the sink drains shorter to allow room for the water bottles beneath and put them back together. Still need to drill that hole in the floor and connect to the grey tank. Questions on how to make the connection with the work team tomorrow. Not to mention finishing the stainless sink counter glue down to do.
I glued up the Pside cabinet door short ends, one door completely as I glued it’s end yesterday. I modified the main sink cabinet frame, lowering the bottom frame as there is enough room to allow the coves, adding a small piece of half thick filler, glued to the center vertical. I cut uprights to fit the sink doors outer edges and the one finished Pside door uprights. The main sink frame is cut complete to the doors, awaiting final plumbing to be installed.
As I have a final sink door dimension, I cut the door beneath the stove to match and glued the short ends. All the cabinet doors that need modifying are cut, most need final glue (one needs serious filling but it’ll work as it’s hidden behind).
I also added the slats to the bench backs, offset low to allow the backs to meet the wall. They need a little filing to fit flush. I attached the 1″ extensions to the lower benches with glue and 3 drilled finish nails. I used the flat scraper to prep that fit, you’ll get to like that tool soon.
All the cabinet doors need prep and finishing, that will keep you busy while I finish the cabinets. Lots done, though nothing worth a picture.

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