Saturday is vardo day. I met Raven at Barnes & Noble (B&N), Starbucks coffee and checking out the books. We headed to ReStore (RS), good scores there. We found a bunch of cabinet doors that will do. They’re painted and some are not the right length, but the table saw and some glue should fix that. And more paint. Raven found some coving for the floor/cabinet connection, cheap enough and all on sale 25%.
Next stop Joanne’s Fabrics for needles and some heavy twine to sew the burlap coffee bags for the LP gas cover. A stop at TJ’s for some food and headed home for lunch served in the vardo on the new table and benches.
I found a couple scrap 30 degree pieces from the light cover hexagon extension I cut the other day. We experimented with the clamps and fasteners until it worked. Rave took that on with the real hexagon. It needed another side brace, I flipped the end vise on dad’s wood bench, helps.
Meanwhile I worked out measurements for the bench conversion, Raven had a good idea, if we add slats to the bench backs we can raise them to equal the difference of the table, a lot easier than cutting the table thinner, 3/8″ slats, 17″, six of them, plus 2 more 13″ long for the back leaf, 30 1/2″ x 13″. I still need to locate a piece for that, thought, could use the 30″ mahogany ply table stock we didn’t use and add a 1/4″ solid mahogany to each end, tomorrow.
Rave finished the lamp hexagon, I used a round file to allow the two screws clearance. I found a good length screw, we put it up, tacking and drilling one side, adjusting the angle, then secured the other side. Wow.
Raven worked on sanding the gas rack as I cut the pieces to make the bench slats. It works, the table and benches align to make a level surface. Raven tried it out, a full stretch, room to spare.
I set up the table saw and cut the next drawer face off to match the three set P side, sanded it even with the belt sander. Set up the saw to cut the new cabinet doors as the daylight dwindled. The cut will have to wait.

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