Darin and I discussed ways to secure the table today. Sterling (and Warren) put in that RVs use a metal slot that you put the table in at an angle and it locks down. Darin and I think a couple barrel latches (like secure the doors together) plus the pegs into the wall support are the simplest way to go, with the latches on the inside of the lower vertical table timbers. I just went out and measured, there is an inch of clearance between the table timbers and the support beam, too much, we’ll turn the table around 180 as it’s closer on the other side and trim it to the correct distance, then add the small barrel latches drilled into the support. They’ll be out of sight and secure, simple.
Standing in there, it’s going to be a nice dwelling or business, comfortable.
Thought, let’s get the floor in one week, then 2 sheets of 1/4″ ply next to fit the benches in and still have enough for the counter fronts. If we use leftovers, we may be alright with just 2 sheets, maybe, maybe 3. Cabinet doors from RS could reduce a sheet. We’ll see what works.

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