12/2/2012 table

Another productive day on the vardo. Raven made Turkish coffee and we discussed how the table/bed should be. Raven made a list of things we’ll need to get it mostly done, flooring, cabinet plywood/doors, water heater, pump and plumbing. We headed to town window shopping for prices. We didn’t buy anything but have a good idea of what it will cost and where to get it. The pump and heater will be best had online, PEX plumbing, cabinet plywood and flooring at HD, cabinet doors at RS. The forecast called for more rain so we put off the flooring until it’s clear.
We got home and had chicken stew I made last night, really good. Turns out it didn’t rain, good as the river is full to the bank. I cut a couple thin panels to fit the ends of the cabinets with left over panel stock.
We worked on the table, discussing the height decided on 30 inches so large people will fit with the additional cushions. Rave checked the codes as I cut a piece of 2x stock to 30″ (table width) and beveled one edge on the table saw, screwed it to the wall using an old pic to locate the studs at 29 1/4″ high to allow for table thickness. I found some 3/8 doweling and drilled holes in the wall support and 30×30 mahogany table I cut yesterday to match the bench location. I measured the oak banister we’ll be using for a table pedestal 1 1/2″ above the turning to allow for a hinge and cut it slow on the band saw. I measured the required 29 1/4 length and cut that square on the saw, using the roller support sideways both times.
We fit the table in, it works, though we’ll need a hook or stop of some sort to keep the table down at the wall. Rave tried sitting down, difficult to get in at 30″. We have another table top found out back, 26 1/2 x 30 1/2, tried that one instead, it fits just fine, easy to get in. We’ll go with that one. I’ll need to drill new peg holes and add hooks or stops, hinge the pedestal to it. A nice table.
We’ll make the benches when we get some 1/4″ ply for the sides then cut the 3/4 ply top to fit hinged for storage.
In bed mode, the table will lower to fit on the edge of the benches on top with the peg holes to secure. We’ll add a leaf to fill the front section (between the wall and table, stowed in the bench), secured by the bench backs laid flat. The mattress will be split as cushions and back rests. The pedestal will hinge back, either resting at an angle or secured up. It works.

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