Well I got a few things done on the vardo today. As the door was swelled shut from all this rain I sanded and chiseled the frame, it opens now. It may be loose in the summer but OK as the stop will catch it. I pulled out a piece of mahogany 3/4 ply from the boat stock, squared it and cut a 30 x 30 piece for the table, then sanded the edges with the belt sander. It needs to be routered with a round cove bit. The router is in the table, we’ll get it later. I wanted to cut the bench tops, but we need to attach the sides with 1/4 ply first to get an accurate measure.
I’m thinking to secure the table with a pedestal made of that oak banister and secured to the wall with a horizontal plank and pegs. I pulled up the old pic of the first sleep in the vardo, shows the wall studs. We can secure to that. Up or down bunk needs to be discussed.
I stopped by Luis’. he didn’t weld the counter as the test piece he tried burned through as it’s too thin. We’ll use calk instead.
More to do tomorrow.

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