Talks with Warren, Kenny and Darin today on flooring. Kenny, a single grain of sand or saw dust will show up through the vinyl, it has to be spotless clean. Small holes will get filled with the glue.
Warren agrees, said get 2 pair of socks, not shoes. Wear one pair as you lay it down halvsies. You’ll probably step in it, damn, hence the other pair. He also said forget the 1/16″ square notch trowel, use a 3/8″ nap roller and roll the adhesive thin. He’s done a lot of floors. The notch trowel requires a heavy roller, but you can just smooth the rolled vinyl down. If you get a bubble, use a pin to let the air out.
Kenny suggested putting a 1/4 cove wood molding in first and bring the vinyl up. Warren shot it down as we need to put the cabinets in and need square edges. I agree with Warren, we can cove the cabinets and calk the seams. Let’s go for square to the edge. Warren said if we get adhesive on the floor, we can clean it with paint thinner, not a problem. I’m thinking that’s a right away issue, before it dries.
Darin and I talked about the PEX tubes and water system, much to consider to meet code. We’ll get it.

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