We got quite a bit done today, though not worth a picture. I called early to the local rentals looking for a PEX plumbing crimper tool, none available. Raven cleaned the masking tape off the plastic windows. The 70% isopropyl alcohol wasn’t cutting it and I needed more wood filler for the floor prep. I headed up to Bosworth’s on the corner, picked up a bottle of denatured alcohol and the wood putty. The denat works much better removing the tape gum but the paper still needs picking off by hand. Don’t leave masking tape on, take it off the same day. Write that a hundred times. Ha, but it’s true.
I crawled under and added a 16″ piece of 2x stock to the floor joist to secure the plywood seam, then screwed the seam tight from inside. We cleared out the counter frames and I puttied the floor with the wood filler, filling every crack, screw hole and blemish in preparation for the sheet vinyl floor. We did lunch of Thanksgiving leftovers as it dried.
I broke out the belt sander, has a good course belt on it, and sanded the entire floor, taking a lot off the seams to make it all smooth.
Raven opened the varnish and brushed the fascia boards with it. Then came in and vacuumed the sanding dust off the floor.
I found the graph paper and started drawing up the plumbing diagram in pen, what a mess, sharpened a pencil and redid it, better.
Rave suggested John, the water specialist across the street, may have a Pex crimper, good idea. I walked over as he was in, and yes he has one but it’s in the truck, a good one, cost him $300 but it’s paid for itself. I won’t need it for a few weeks, let him know when we do in advance. Way cool! That will save us a fortune in Pex fittings as the crimped ones are cheap but the ‘sharkbites’ cost a lot. Great.
We put the counter frames back in and cleaned up the tools. As it gets dark early, Raven headed home. I worked on the door frame as it’s sticking with the rain, sanded it with the belt sander on the high spots and a chisel on top where the sander wouldn’t fit, then hand sanded it smooth. It’ll need more paint but the door works better.
Next week we’ll get the vinyl floor in. That will be worth a picture.

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