11/17/2012 Ceiling done!


We got a lot done today. Raven  and I started by cleaning out the garage of saw dust in preparation for cutting the insulation on the bench in the rain. Then I noticed if we cut it under the garage door we could keep it outside, better.

We set up the saw horses and the door bench, I measured the length to center (37 1/2″) and marked it on the door. Checked the new roll for width, 15 1/2″, then measured inside, two 12″, three 22″ and one at 13″.  I marked the door at 12, 13 and 5 1/2″ widths (later changed to 8″ to meet the full width).

We suited up in bunny suits, face masks and goggles to keep the insulation off.  I pulled out the rest of the open roll, cut it square, cut it to length and 12 wide using the marks, cut four. We put the first forward section in to see how it would go, Raven stapling and taping as I cut the rest. It went up pretty quick, we figured out it’s easier to tape the wide bats on the bench (wearing leather gloves as the latex sticks to duct tape), then install them big.

Insulation up

We stopped for lunch, grilled cheese and tomato soup. Suited up again and started putting up the panels. Raven had sorted them in order front to back with the D side up near the front of the garage, easy access. Not so easy getting them installed, fighting gravity with the hammers and crooked necks.  Figured out start in the center and work out so it lays flat, last nail near the wall.  The nailers were too narrow, hard to get that close with the hammer without bending the nails. I ended up using a big tapered bar punch to get the second ones in. I cut a 1×2 to use to hold the panels up wedged to the floor, that helped.  As it gets dark early, I got a clamp light to see. I had to trim a few panels to make them fit with the jig saw, but they went up alright.  Wow, what a chore, done with the bunny suits.

Ceiling done, Hurray!

Took pictures (above). I’ll need to cut some trim pieces for the corners, pulled out a short 1×2 and figured out the table saw cuts, a diagonal cut to split it in 2, then another cut to match the wall to ceiling angle, but with the fence on the left to make the cut. It’ll work, maybe tomorrow, nailed to the wall as the plate runs long.

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