11/10/2012 more ceiling


Another productive day, a bit cold and windy but the sun was out. Raven started on more paint detailing as I drove up to the corner to drop off the stainless sink counter with Luis to get the corners welded. He’ll do it at work this week with MIG or TIG, makes a cleaner weld with the gas shield.  I also stopped at Bosworth’s for adhesive to tack the roof down, congratulated Harry for winning the fire district election.

Back home, set up the saw horses and door bench in the sun and pulled out the other door skin for the next large ceiling panel number three. I measured it, then brought out the smaller second as a pattern. Spring clamps to keep the stuff from blowing over, marked it, went back in and rechecked the side measurements, uh oh, they’re different, made the corrections and cut it with the jig saw, fit it, still tight in the middle, trimmed and fit it a couple times until it was right. Raven helped me fit it in place.

She put more finish nails in the D side fascia board as I pulled out a full sheet for the next large panel. This time I measured everything and laid it all out, still using the second pattern but making sure it was right, cut the full sheet to length, then cut the panel, saving the cut off for the smaller 1 of 2 pieces. Fit it and trimmed it a bit, it works, though the ends tend to buckle in, they’ll need straightening boards installed.

Raven climbed up on the roof and glued down the loose flashing panels and roof nailed them down. I cut the last large panel from the last full sheet, measured twice, fit and trimmed it. I had to remove the over table light first after getting the measurements, cut a diamond in the panel center line for that.  Then cut a new second panel from the pattern as it had torn using the second half of a full sheet. The front panel is flat in front, measured and cut it from the last full sheet remnant. They’re all cut and loosely in. Rave helped me pull them all out as I need to cut the edge forms to keep the panels flat on the sides.

I cut all the edge formers on the table saw a little tight and tapped them into place, using whatever junk wood was around as they won’t be seen.  I drilled and toe nailed them into place as it was just beginning to  get dark. Rave packed up the tools as I finished up, then headed for home.

It’s too dark for pictures and no light inside, I’ll get some tomorrow and post them here.

ceiling nailers

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