11/3/2012 ceiling started


Well we got some done today.  Raven arrived as I was just getting out with a fresh cup of coffee for me, yea. I opened the garage and emptied the lumber I bought last night from the back of the car, just 6 1x2s and 2 2×4 studs.  Raven started detail painting as I dug around for the scissors, found them and cut up some card stock patterns for the ceiling panels. It’s a fairly complicated join to work around the horizontal beams and still have lumber to nail to.  I also cut a piece of card stock to match the arc of the roof rafters. We’ll need nailers attached to the beams to match the arc, so I cut up a couple 1x2s into 10 pieces 16″ in length on the table saw, drew in the arc and cut them on the band saw. The top end will need a 2x spacer, I found an old piece of treated 2×4 and chopped 10 blocks. As some of the  beams needed extra spacing I sliced up some scrap thin paneling to roughly match the block size. I dug around for Dad’s nail box and found the right length and a drill to match the nails as the short blocks would split without a pre-drill.

I called Rave in and showed her how to put them up using a carpenter’s square as a depth gauge to match the rafters and a squeeze clamp to hold them up while drilling and nailing.  She put them up as I went to work on the end nailers.

I ripped a 2×4 stud in half wide, cut to four 36 1/2″ pieces on the table saw. Using the card stock arc I drew the line and band saw cut one, checked the fit on the rafter, good. I used that one to mark the others but needed to drum sand it to get the fibers off for a clean line, cut the rest. As Rave was finishing up and back to painting, I nailed them to, cutting a relief for the light wire in the one over the table area.

I put some pipe compound on the outside forward gas lines and wrenched them tight. Also cut 1/2″ slices off the other 2×4 and fitted the vertical frames around the windows, still needs nails or screws.

I cut the first aft simple panel using old door skin 75″ x 14 1/2″, not simple as I needed to leave a half rafter for the next panel around the beam and still cover the rafter in the middle, 3/4″. The next panel was a mind boggle, around the first beam and mate the first panel then get the width right to leave a 3/4″ space for the next to nail 15 1/2″ in from the wall. Drew a few too many crossed out lines getting it, cut it and tried putting it up reversed. It was too tight in the middle and tore getting it out, not bad, cut some off and refit it not reversed, it fits OK. The tear doesn’t show. If we have enough stock I’ll re-cut it as a pattern, else just glue it.


Enough for the day as Raven is taking me out for a belated birthday dinner at the brewery, yum.

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