I talked to Darin about the counter, he recommended 3M 77 spray contact adhesive to stick it down. He suggested we line it up with sticks under it (me, we can use the sink cut out area), and pull the sticks to lower it gradually into place. We won’t need to glue the edges, though thinking some calk there would be good as it settles down to seal it, wipe it off flush. Thinking I can sand a slight bevel on the bottom of the plywood as its a bit shy on the metal bend, really close but it’ll be fine. Also, where I was concerned about the stove back counter block and side panel, that’s not an issue as the SS counter will be above that and no problem. Does that make sense? The counter sits above the frame so no interference. I may need to trim that back stove shelf to account for the extra metal, lets see how it fits. Here’s a pic of it in the garage, nice.


I forgot to mention, we can use the adhesive on all the other counter tops too, Formica or steel, just need to keep the nozzle clean.

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