Hey, very cool! Rob called me today just after I got to work, wanting to know if it was OK to lower the gas line hole in the counter as it would mess up the bend, I said sure. Half hour later he called, it’s done! I met him halfway by the cafeteria, it’s perfect. We have a stainless kitchen sink counter! It’s in the garage, beautiful. He brought up the scrap too, brought up the sink cut out (11 1/2″ x 30) and a long piece 3″ x 37 1/2″.
We could use the 3″ stuff behind the sink on the window, it’s not the 6″ code, the big panel should be good for the drain board over the stove, also not quite to code, 1/2″ shy, but we could move it back a half inch. BTW the scrap is not de-burred, still sharp, careful.
The counter is perfect, the gas hole is 1/8″ lower but I haven’t set the stove height yet and can always sand it deeper with a rotary drum on the Fordom easy. I’ll need to trim the plywood an 1/8th” off the front, I knew that, I’ll use the band saw, and round the edges with the lapidary drum sander. We should probably get Luis to MIG weld the two front corners to seal it, they’re tiny, an inch and a half total. We can smooth and polish any burn marks out, that’s easy too.
Of course I still need to cut out the plywood for the sink, drill the holes for the faucet, its just wood. I’m excited, we have the perfect sink counter, Wow!

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