Well we got quit a bit done today. Raven  arrived as I was waking up late,(swing shift does that), with coffee, cool. She worked on the paint details as I removed the service counter uprights from below as the counter is loose and cut the additional lower rabbet grooves 6″ up for the cabinet doors. I cut the horizontal to fit from new stock using the upper one as a guide and screwed the uprights back in, I’ll get the horizontals attached later. We did lunch, provolone sandwiches with tomato and stuff, tasty.

Time to suit up for insulation, bags on our feet taped,  full bunny suits with hoods, masks and chem goggles (no holes) over that (hood first, then the face gear). Gloves masking taped and sleeves taped over that. The masking tape wasn’t enough, duct tape, a bit of extra tape on the forehead and collar, sealed tight. The bunny suits breath better than the slicker last week, much cooler but still hot.

The vinyl gloves didn’t like the duct tape, tore out, put on another pair. I took measurements and cut the insulation on a door blank as Raven stapled and duct taped it in. I had two tape measures one inside, one out, but kept forgetting to leave the one in.  Got all the walls done, ceiling needs more, another roll of insulation and 2 sheets of paneling, next week.

We started installing the paneling, oh no, the front center needs an upright below the window and a couple horizontals by the door to keep it flush with the counters. I cut them on the table saw and installed them as Raven tacked up panels.  The front panel corners were difficult to install as the slats I added were short on screws, kept flexing with the hammer blows but went in eventually.  Getting way hot and uncomfortable in the suits. Time to quit.

The walls are insulated, ceiling next, more panel to cut for that and finish installing the wall panels. It’ll be tight, warm and cool.

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