Vardo day, I cleared everything out of the inside, vacuumed it all out, no spiders or webs, spotless (ish). Raven bought more black paint and worked on the stuff still needing it, fascias and infinite detailing.
I donned baggies on my feet, Tyvec suit, respirator, safety glasses, gloves and a slicker with the hood up, taped everything tight. Proceeded to install paper backed fiber glass insulation, two and a half rolls, until I ran out of staples. I finished the major big sections, just need to add strips where the wider sections are and do the ceiling next week. I’ll need more staples and a bunch of duct tape.
When I pealed off the suit my shirt was totally drenched in sweat. I should have wrung it out just to see. I hit the shower after chugging a Pepsi. Then had some cantaloupe melon with Rave, yum. Enough for a day.

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