So on Sunday I raised the tanks 4 1/2 ” to clear the trailer jack, plugged the holes with dowels, good, it works. I also cut the panels where the table/bed will be, had enough to cover it all the way down, though the last 11″ on the D side is vertical but won’t be seen behind the bench.

I made a bracket tonight at work for the regulator to fit over the center batten. It’s a little crude as the second bends out wouldn’t fit the brake, did them in the vice with a couple crescent wrenches to make the bend, that works. Checked it when I got home, it fits OK, with 2 holes to secure the regulator and 4 more to tie it to the wall. The screws that came with it are pan head, not flat, may dig for some or put a couple shallow holes in the batten but it’ll work. The gas system is nearly done as the hoses came in last night, though we’ll need a ball valve from the salvage yard for the water heater but can use a cap for now. Besides, that’s plumbing, yet to do.

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