So I installed the tank mount today. I removed the front wall paneling first and measured the distance for the 2 lower bolt holes, divided it to center and drilled small pilot holes from inside through the floor plate center using the long bit. One hole came through a bit lower, oh well. I left the bit through and measured outside then the bit, about 3 inches. It came through higher than I thought, the two side extensions need to be 2″ longer. I cut new ones, curved the tops and screwed them in, plus the raised bottom cross braces. I drilled them through from inside, but the cross braces fell out with the short screws, put in long ones and it worked. I drilled inside 3/4″ deep with a 7/8″ spade bit (should have used a 1″, washer size, but don’t have one) down the pilot hole, then drilled the 3/8″ bolt hole. I went up to the corner Mercantile store and bought six 3 1/2″ bolts, locks and nuts. I secured the bottom two, marked the upper holes and pilot drilled them from outside, drilled the inside 3/4″ deep with a 7/8″ spade and drilled the 3/8″ bolt holes. It fits with a nudge, cool. Set the bolts with a nut.
The small piece of plywood we’ve been using as a temporary bench slat is the right size, I found the canning lid is the right diameter, marked it and cut 2 radius curves with the band saw. Removed the metal and drilled four holes, two on the press, two by hand, found the right size wood screws in the birthday bins, piloted them and screwed it down from beneath (loose upside down is easy). I fit it all back on the bolts, added the lock washers, nuts and wrenched it down, perfect. I put in the tanks, measured the upper cross brace location and screwed them in. The tanks fit right, solid.
Problem, just checked it out, no way around it, I’ll need to raise the tank mount 4″ so the trailer jack has enough clearance, must be done. A reprieve on the insulation, which also must be done, but not this weekend. I’ll cut the rest of the table panels tomorrow too in preparation. At least I can get it straighter next time.

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