We got a lot done, you finishing the paint outside and shopping, RS for cheap panel nails and HD. It’s looking good. I worked on the propane tank rack, an iron project, hot sharp bends with my torch, the gentle curves with my knee. Two tanks and a new auto flip dual regulator. We’ll need a couple more hoses to fit the tanks but the inside is ready for it. I need to mount the tank support before we put the inside walls up. Most are cut and we bought insulation today.  Not looking forward to that, itchy stuff, break out the Tyvec suit, mask and gloves. I finished bending the last piece for the LP frame after you left and drilled all the holes in the iron, including the screw holes to hold them together while they get welded. I saw Luis at the store, he said a torch weld will be fine, I can do that here, found a coat hanger in the closet, good rod. I need to dig out some screws and nuts, countersink the flat screw heads inside and weld it up. We’ll need some strong braces inside to support the tanks and a 3/4 ply base to support the tanks outside. It’ll be fine.

So I screwed and welded it up, cut some bracing stock to hold it in level. It lines up with the window frames inside so it’ll be strong. I’ll need to counter flat the nuts inside so the wall panel fits flush. Something more for Raven to paint.

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