Well we got quite a bit done today. You went around touching up the burgundy paint, finished the front window except the inside, we’ll need to remove the screen and still not get it all. You also detailed the burgundy on the door. It really looks good.
We tacked up the slats to cover the gap in the fascia and roof ply. I only had eight finish nails, four in each, we’ll need to add more when we get some. We need more for the inner paneling anyway.
Speaking on that, I cut the the panels for behind the cabinets from the old flats I had in the garage, fiber board stuff, tricky as I had to cut out the wheel wells, holes for the plug, gas valve and electric main out. I finished both sides before you had to leave.
After you left I cut the upper paneling between the back door wall and windows. I also cut the panels above the windows. I used the paneling we got for free but turned it sideways so the lines are horizontal.
The P side was a little short and D side a little long so I used the D side leftover to fit the P side, it works. I tried to cut the P side above the window full length to the front with a down panel, L cut. Somehow it didn’t work out as the piece came in low forward, we can cover it with a cove board across the top between the ceiling and walls, needs it anyway. It’ll be a strange angle cut piece to fit the wall to ceiling angle with a hollow round cut on the table saw at an angle, hard to explain but it’ll work. Make an even curve wall to ceiling, take a lot of scrap cuts to get it right, it’ll be cool.

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