Well, another productive day. I started with that old loft frame we pulled out. I pulled all the screws from the bottom but couldn’t get at the side ones as they’re plugged. Pulled out the really big sledge hammer and they came right off, BANG. The plywood is really good stuff, not warped and very aged, I slept on it more than 20 years ago. It was a ships berth, pirate booty. It’s 3/4 plywood 4’x6+’, perfect for the bench tops, backs and table leaf. The real table top we’ll make from ChrisCraft mahogany plywood, I checked it out, there’s enough, more pirate booty.
I finished fitting the back door wall as the glue was dried. It didn’t fit quite right so I chiseled away some of the thin ply backing, still not right, turns out there is a peted loose screw I’ll need to grind down, be fine. I want to add a backing board behind the  wall panel where it meets the counter top to keep if flat. I cut a bit more around the electric so it’d fit, it’s good. The top fits now, but will be hidden with a ceiling.
After that I measured and cut a piece for the stove counter from the 2’x4’x3/4″ I’ve been saving as we have enough 3/4s now. I also cut the hand sink counter. That one doesn’t quite fit, it’s cut square, but that vardo corner or the frame isn’t. It’ll be alright once we add the panels and 3/4 round coves.
I added a couple pieces of 1×2 to the main sink frame next to the stove double screwed each side. As the 2.5 screws were too long, I screwed one (marked beneath), then the other with the short big box screws, it works. I cut out the chunk for the stove gas clearance, it fits. I added panel sides and finish nailed them in, with a 1″ diameter cutout to fit the gas line. It fits perfect but the stove won’t come out once the main sink counter is in. I may need to cut a bigger notch in the panel so we can remove the stove if need be, or put in small screws instead of finish nails so it’ll come out. I cut a 5 1/2″ shelf behind the stove, added a 1×3 cut in half to each side to hold it up, works good.The D side counters are in, awaiting metal, sinks and cabinets.
I had a thought, it would be cool to put the fresh water tank beneath the hand wash sink, it just fits if we move the electric cord in back or on the side vertically. The sink drain just clears it. If we add a hinge or just some 1xs to fit the sink counter so it lifts to pull the tank, it’d be cool. We’d still need a pump but it would reduce the head distance (less wear on the pump) and we could have a simple hand pump back up for hand wash. It would keep the fresh supply tank clean, not underneath. We’d plumb it to fill from outside, use those gate valves. It’d use up quite a bit of under sink storage but it would be nice and clean. We can use the side port to fill it and the top plug to tap it in deep. It’s a thought, but it’d work.

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