Well, we got a lot done today. You painted second coats of black trim, even finished the trim around the inside door window. It looks great.
I worked on laying out and cutting the front and back wall panels.
The front wall (nearest the truck) went in OK, though they all needed a bit of trimming to fit right, to be expected as I’m working with measurements and the parts aren’t square, the walls slope 3″ on each side. But it’s cut and ready to go in after we get some insulation in.
The first cut on the back (door D side) wall got messed up on top as I missed the outer measurement by 3″, oops, I cut another piece from the original stock (glued it up after you left with backing stock but room for the nailer beam). If we put in a ceiling it’ll be hidden anyway. I made the correction on the other side and cut it, fits well enough. The fuse box isn’t straight as it’s near the slope wall, so I had to fudge cut it in. I’m planning on framing those two switch panels with mahogany anyway so it will disappear. I cut an additional piece for above the door, square cut first, the notch for the ridge pole, then scribed an arc with the trammel point and cut it, slight trim on the D side and it fits right. A good day.

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