As it’s dark now getting home, I turned on the vardo lights, just took a pic,  looks cool.
I turned the gas pipe supply to the stove in flush with the wall to tighten the connection and to aim the flex hose toward the stove connection. I’m thinking to cut the paneling there for an access port in case you need to change the hose or just get at the gas lines, a screwed panel cover to the studs, simple. It would also give inspection access. We’ll cut a ‘D’ hole in front where the flex hose comes out of the wall and up to the stove.
We need to build the gas tanks bracket for up front above the hitch tongue. I’m thinking 1/8″ flat stock iron, bent to fit 2 tanks on top with two flat vertical straps formed to hold them up, with a center flat upright to hold them in. May need another lower horizontal strap. Bolted and or welded. Bend flats and drill to hold it to the wall. Salvage yard stuff.
With the regulators, that should complete the gas system, less the hot water heater, TBD.
It’s coming together. As you finish painting out side we can install the panels, I’ll cut them, you nail them up with finish nails (ring shanks?) and a nail set punch (lightly).
Plenty to do.

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