So I did some more on the vardo today, lets see, I moved the sink/table e-plug down beneath the sink. At first it was too high, behind the sinks, so I lowered it some again, should be good now, rewired and functioning. I checked out the stove, thought it better if the gas in line bent 90 degrees down, went to town and bought an elbow plus the 1/2″ to 5/16″ hose barbs (1/2″ to 1/4″, then 1/4″ to 5/16″) qty 2 to connect the black pipe to the gas tank out front and to the stove. I put in 2 supports for the stove shelf, just screwed them in to the hand sink and main sink uprights, all one connected and simple. If you want them removable I can add a couple wooden ‘L’ braces underneath attached to the legs. Once the shelf is attached to the supports we can remove the screws and it will be removable.
I need to know where you want the stove located, up front with a raised level shelf behind it or in back with a lower shelf in front. I need to know where as I will need to cut a slot for the gas line in the sink support, adding additional stock behind to maintain the support. Knowing you, you’ll want to look before you decide. The stove is sitting on a temporary partial shelf.
Up front, it’s right there with a nice shelf level behind (wasted space beneath). The over hood will need to be out further and the metal shielding will be complicated to build, most difficult if it’s stainless. Benefit is it’s away from the wall with above storage behind, also takes bigger pans if you clear the storage behind.
In back, one shelf with room up front for storage. Simple, easy to build, smaller over hood, much easier metal construction, less wasted space beneath. Closer to the wall will need insulation behind the metal wall covering (I have kiln insulation), less room for big pots.
It would be a whole lot easier to build with aluminum, I can cut and bend it and it costs less, $35 to $12, not to mention beer bribes or actually paying for the work outside depending.
I did a little work on the screen for the service window, just chiseled out the last end  grooves for the screen. I need to cut some small pieces for the extra cut outs to glue in, then wood putty a lot to fill the gaps. It fits OK, it’ll be good. I need to pick up a cloths line at the $ store to pack the screen in. The piece of screen I got at Sally’s won’t be big enough for two, we’ll need a bit more.  See you Sunday.

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