Well we got some work done today. Raven painted more trim black and detailed the door, it’s looking good though much will need another coat.  I worked on installing the back lights, one works, the other needs to be rewired as the motion or dark sensor isn’t working. I’ll wire them direct and just use the inside switch to turn them on, simple, but I’ll need to take them down again. Looks good.

I fitted the inside end walls with 1×2 stock in the corners, cut and fitted some redwood scrap Joe gave me above so we’ll have something to secure the end wall panels to. We need to cover the upper side edge of the roof (facia?) with something so I ripped a long 2x I have from an old boat trailer for parts. We’ll need to pull the nails on the passenger side to fit it.

We talked about a porch, I pulled out another piece from Joe, 2×10?, and set it on the folding stools to see, could work. Maybe bolted or hinged with chains or angled wood to hold it up, chains would be stronger.


Thought, a long all thread drilled through the wood or piped over would work well as we could adjust the tension and double nut it below. Bend it above with torch heat to fit square through the wall but angled out close to the outer edge of the plank, a triangle, strong. We’ll need to add a backing horizontal 2x plank inside secured to the studs. That would work well and be adjustable for the right angle tension.

As Rave had the door shut for painting, I worked on a new window frame for a screen window for the serving window. It gets really hot in there and the wasps try to get in, needs a screen.  Tongue and grooved the ends square on the table saw with the jig I made, fits. I’ll need to cut a groove around to pack the screen I got from Sally’s in with a cord to hold it in, clothes line should do, silk screening technique.

A good day, Rave’s off to see a movie, the new Dark Knight, as I write this.

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