Thoughts on the drain ramp over the stove using the left over SS foot we have: We add a couple ~3/16″ ID SS tubes to the sink counter (stove side), could just use small U-bolts into the wood instead of welding. Get a long SS rod that fits it and bend it into a square U with down angles to fit into the tubes running the the rod close to the outside edge of the ramp. Use sheet clamps like on the stove ( flat ~1/2″ left over stock with a curve to fit the rod with a flat and hole) and secure it with a nut and round head Philips bolt on top, maybe 5, two on each side, one (or two) across the far end. So the ramp is long enough to fit into the first sink edge (note: soap sink nearest the stove for several reasons) at a slight angle to drain for the dirty dishes. Could add small neoprene and steel washers to the through bolts. Bend  the ramp edges up to drain. That works.

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