I met Raven 15 minutes early at Barnes & Nobles for coffee and we headed for the salvage yard. We picked up a ball valve for the gas line for $6, they’re $15 at Ace, good deal. They also had new stainless steel sheets 2’x4′ for $35, perfect, we bought one for the sink counter and detachable drainboard planned. I also picked up a router bit and tap for $5 and change, all good deals. We also stopped at the Restore where I found a good drill for $5 and the Home Depot for 3 – 4×8 sheets of luan paneling at $10 each.
Raven painted the door wall trim in black as I worked on the service counter. I got the cupboard frames in and modified some boat drawers to work, taking off the face boards with the table saw as they were damaged and shortened them to fit at 12″. We’ll put new face plates on when we know what they’ll look like. As Rave headed home, I finished cutting the drawer lower cross brace and cut rabbit joints to fit it flush. I’ll secure it tomorrow. A good vardo day.

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