So where we going to meet? I’m thinking it would be cool to pick up more pickle stuff at the FM, get some work done while it’s cool, then go shopping. Mind we’re low on materials, but I should have enough to frame the stove shelf and prep frame for cabinetry. Just looked, have 3 and 1/2 – 8 footers, could pick up a few more by then. Plus paneling and some 3/4 counter stock, plenty to work on.
Question: Is the stove counter a separate entity or connected? Thought, connect it to the hand basin, save 2 legs but add 2 legs so the main sink is totally removable as per spec. Dilemma, the stove gas line needs to pass into the sink area, not sure how to resolve that, maybe an elbow on the gas line, but still, hmm. Looking, I’ll need to tear the stove gas line all down to see, not tonight. May fit or a backed covered notch in the sink side panel could work, with 1/4 rounds for cleaning. Doable, and the backing would keep the sink frame strong. We’ll need a gas elbow, plywood and metal.

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