I got home this evening to find a package on my door step, the new 3.5K shocks are here, cool. They’re 4 ply but thick stiff plys, not very springy and that’s good. I opened the hanger box, 2 wide brackets, 2 narrow, plus 4 swing brackets to take up the movement, six bolts and nuts. Hefty metal, nice and the brackets have 2 holes each so we can bolt them to the frame strong. They’re big 5/8″ holes, it’ll be tough to drill 8 holes that big in the frame upside down, we’ll need to pilot drill them small then the big holes. I’ll need to get a bit with a reduction to fit the 3/8 drill and not at HF, this needs to be good steel. As I need a drill anyway, I should get one with a key instead of a hand tight model so it holds tight. Reminds me, the battery for the hand drill is way done, unplugged.
The springs aren’t as long as the old ones, I think 25″ instead of 36″, so plenty of room to fit them with good metal. I’ll need to leave the forward old bracket in place as we used it to tie a cross brace. The aft one we could just put in bolts to keep the metal strong or just leave the old bracket. As the new springs only have one swing arm way, we’ll need to locate them carefully as they’ll shift the axle that way on a bump, don’t want to hit the wells. And they have to be true fore and aft. I may need to trim the wells for clearance, good thing the fenders aren’t in yet.

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