Well I got a bit done today. I painted the stove high heat flat black, looks good although the bottom plate is galvanized and doesn’t look as good, maybe I’ll paint that too. I cleaned out some behind the band saw and found another burner cover, it’s not the same but it works well. Now we just need a matching pair of knobs, can buy them.
While I was digging behind the saw, the router table is back there, pulled it out. I cleaned it up, brushed off the cob webs, put it all back together and attached the router. I attached the 1/4 round cutter and cut a practice piece, it works, cut the other side and used the table saw to cut them up to size. Bit tricky that, be easier with a zero clearance plate in the saw, I’ll have to make some. The 1/4 rounds will be good for the backs of the counters where they meet the wall for cleaning, also good on the floor.
I cut the parts for the counter P side, I made it for 14″ wide 52 1/2″ long, seemed about right. I made it to attach to the fridge counter using those legs to support it that end. I attached a short horizontal to the fridge counter and another upright in front to accept the long front and back 1×2 beams. I doubled up the legs in front near the table same as the rest with a 1/4 high peg to accept the long and side beams. When I set the long beam in back even to the lower window, the fridge counter was 3/8″ to high, hmm, so I trimmed the fridge counter down 3/8 all around and put it back together, good. I trimmed the table end to match, oops, too short, the vardo is not square. I can make it up with the short cross brace by adding a 3/8 lap underneath, creative engineering, it’ll work. We have a 6′ x 23″ x 3/4″ piece of plywood left over from the floor. The fridge counter plus the addition is an inch longer, but 20″ wide, we can add an inch to the corner section by the door, add another 1×2 flat support on that end, easy. We’ll add a 45 degree support between the wide fridge and the narrower addition. I had a thought, it would be cool to have some 45 shelves under there for stuff with front upper braces (so you can still clean it) to keep stuff in on the road.

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