The gas line is all in less the water heater. I had to take the whole thing apart to get all the fittings in. The main off valve is under the sink, the tee on the end splits down to the stove with a shorter 2″ nipple, capped for now. The upper tee line elbows out with a 7/8″ hole, an elbow back, a short nipple and the heater off valve outside facing up. I need to tape it to keep it clean, but it’s all in, awaiting the heater. By the way while I’m thinking of it, all the gas lines need to be purged of air, open the gas and let it run free for a bit, no smoking or sparks. Air in the line can cause a back fire, possible BOOM, not recommended, purge the lines.
When I finished my shirt was soaked with sweat, it’s hot, took a Pepsi break. We need screens and a bead curtain for the door. I added some gun bluing to the lock, needs a couple more coats.
I took the small stove apart, cleaned most of it. I put the cast burner parts on the house stove and cooked off the rust. I hammered the lower tray flat (ish) with 2 hammers. I used the rotary brush in the orange drill to clean the metal top of rust, was going good until I burned out the bearing in the drill with the side torque, oops. Time for a new drill. Harbor Freight (HF) will have one, oh well, the cord was splitting anyway. The top needs a coat of good heat proof black paint. I need to dig behind the band saw for the other burner cover that holds the pots up. We can get new knobs anywhere. No oven, but no aluminum, good little 2 burner stove. While looking behind the garage for knobs (no luck yet) I found a flex gas line from the old house stove, grabbed it and cleaned it up. It’s corrugated hence not easy to clean, we’ll need a new smooth one but it’s the right size standard threading. We can use it to get the 1/2″ pipe adapters to fit all the gas fittings, we’ll need 3, one in and two out to stove and heater. We also need regulators, $40 for the automatic flip dual or $15 ea at HF (recommend the dual flip auto).
If we use the little stove there’s plenty of room underneath for the water drain line so we won’t need to drill the studs. If we use the oven stove I may be able to lower the trap and tee in to fit as I really don’t want to weaken the structural studs.
So basically, the walls are ready to install. I need to hook up a gas tank and check for leaks with bubble soap first, then we insulate and seal them with cheap stuff from the garage low, paneling above. Get more 1x2s to tie the paneling together, less than a buck and secure, but we’ll need to fit them between the upper and lower plates, more to secure the lower cheap stuff to the panels between the studs. Seal it all with caulk, taped like the door, a lot of tape. We’ll add another barrier of tar paper before we seal the walls, loose or cut where the 1x2s fit.
The difference between the sink and Pside is only 3 3/4″, not enough, need to lower it more or splash guard over the window. I need to read the specs again, get it right, will do. Low sink, just hope there’s no min height.


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