Well, we did alright today! You put on another coat of burgundy paint including the inner door. I cut a hole for the electric main out and built a small door and latch to cover it. I also put pipe compound on gas lines, rigged it with a tee for the water heater and out for the stove. I’ll need to get a couple short 1/2″ nipples and elbows to route it outside for the heater tomorrow. Once that’s done the inner wall is pretty much done and ready for insulation and panels.
We headed into town, stopped at RS, no 1/2″ fittings but picked up a couple nice 1/2″ brass valves, perfect for the gas line shutoff to the heater, maybe the water line and a 50% sale, $30 worth for $4.50, deal.
A couple stops and over the hill to get some free paneling I found on craigslist. We found the place where google maps said it should be and loaded up the truck, barely fit with scrunched head room, but we got it in, had to bend some nails to save the roof of the truck. Score! Free walls. Drove home and unloaded it, pirate booty. A good day.

Free paneling!


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