So you paint some more, I’ll cut the wood we bought last time to finish the counter Pside, work on the benches and table. We need to discuss how we plan to meet the code. Thought, I could lower the sink some to match the other side or more to allow for the back splash guard, couple screws and 4 cuts to shorten the legs. It would make it a bit low but doable, $15 for a stool at the Asian store. Lets talk about it. I need to set up the router bench and cut a bunch of inside radius stock for everywhere with the new cheap router bit. I should get a matching outside radius bit when we’re at the salvage yard to fit the table bench backs so it fits together (for the bed, hush), $3 is cheap. The water tanks need to be stowed with additional braces to keep them in place and holes cut in the floor to match for plumbing. Mount the outside lights, you could do that, green ground to the screw, black and white with wire nuts, easy, I’ll help if you need it. Cut a hole and make a small door for the main electric cord. That will finish the electric system.
The gas line still needs Teflon tape and the tee installed for the water heater. We’ll need to shorten one pipe at the mercantile to fit, drill a bigger hole in the stud, add a few 90s (RS) and later the heater ($$). All this needs doing before we insulate and panel it in. Look for paneling on craigslist.

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