4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!
Whew, got a lot done. Electric day, the ceiling lamp over the table is in, though it needs a bulb and the cover installed. I disconnected the ebox between the table and service window, pulled the box (had to undo everything there, and that was the hard one), and connected the dimmer switch to it. I used your fancy copper wall plate (it fits!) to tie them together until I get another dual box tomorrow (RS), open back with front screw mounts. I should be able to just fish the circuits through the back and screw them in, as it’s all set up, dimmer over the table, cool.
I mounted the boxes for the outside lights, changed the switch to a straight one (not dimmed) and wired the boxes for the lights, also off the GFI circuit so everything is protected. I attached the second out light mount outside, grounded the boxes and outer mounts. I left the lights unattached until you finish the paint, but it’s just 3 wires each, screw the grounds down and wire nut the leads, easy. Take the fancy brass nuts off before you paint.
Next I tackled the main in, that was hard. I measured the width under the vardo rear, 5′ 9″, half that 34 1/2″. I cut the grey conduit pipe that size on the table saw, less an 1/8th for the coupler, tried to fit them, not enough room to attach them under, cut a little more. I cut a 45 on each end for wire clearance and carved them smooth with my knife (easiest way, I’ve found a knife cuts quick whereas a rasp is slow on plastic). I drilled another 7/8 hole with the spade bit under the hand sink, disconnected the main from the circuit breaker box, the stud mount and fished it out. Stuff it through the new driver side hole from inside, thread the conduit 2 pieces, oops, need to clear the 45 brace, undo it, clear the 45 redo it and fish it up the P side. Now there’s not enough room to connect in the middle as the cable is looped in the way and won’t budge. Take it all apart and chop another chunk off the pipe, put it all back together, yank, pull, nudge, get a cushion as my knees are not liking the rough. Finally got it, a bit long on the P side, stuffed it under, can’t get it to go through, but it’s just a little, it’ll do. Sweating heavy by now as the P side is full sun hot. Kick it in the shade. I’ll need to add some plumbing strap to tie the conduit up, another day.
I noticed the outside light mounts are a little off center but there’s a hole on the bottom, I dug a couple more short screws from Dad’s stash and trued it up. Enough. The electric is complete except for the table dual box and the outside lights, both easy, half hour complete. I still need to cut a square hole for the new D side electric, build a box and make a small door to cover the hole outside. Thinking an upper hinge and lower latch with some kind of close able notch for the cord to fit through, slide or a spin disk. And conduit mounts. Good day.

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