7/3/2012 4th tomorow

So what to do, well, there’s a gallon of paint…should keep you busy for a while.
Trim the tar paper off the roof, attach the other outside light fixture, same as the other one. It would be cool if you could attach the small boxes behind the outside lights, punch out the center slug first and screw them to the inner wall with really short 1/2″ screws to match the drill holes. I may have some around, I’ll dig tomorrow, or I may just do it, we’ll see.
I just had a thought on the overhead light, remember we wanted a pull string? We could just buy a pull string switch and wire it in up there. We may need another short box for that, but it’d be easier than stringing a whole new wire to the door switch. We could even drill a hole in the center of the light cover for the string, or put a switch on the wall near the table, make that one the dimmer. Use the one by the door for the outside lights.
Let me know ASAP what you think about that as I’m here and able to work on it. I think the dimmer would be nice near the table, straight door switch to the out lights.
 So we need some metal for the sink counter, what kind? SS is really hard to work, tough stuff, I can’t use the shear on it unless it’s really thin, hard to bend and cut or weld. Aluminum is a breeze and much cheaper (not easily welded), copper is another option, also easy to work and solder able, even tin able (food grade tin, got it, an ingot for frying pans). Tinned copper would be a good workable option. It’s just holding the sink up, you’re not chopping on it, and it is food grade metal easily formed. I think tinned copper is a best option strictly for the sink. And it’s Gypsy. The rest I’d use Formica (not really gypsy, but walnut (faux) is), with a cleanable chopping board. I can get a sheet of copper at the salvage yard. The tin would be a little grainy, but nice (or could polish it out, lot of work). What do you think?
Oh, BTW, the stove is a lot of aluminum and needs polishing, fine grit 320 – 400 – 600, then polish I have with a cotton wheel and drill. Ammonia to clean the polish off. Wear a mask and safety glasses. I’ll leave some sand paper out if you get tired of painting. We do need the stove soon to fit it, but could polish it later. It must be cleanable to meet code.  It’d be good finish the electric, plumbing and gas to get the walls up.

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