Didn’t get much done on the vardo today. Went fishing though, a bite on my first cast, wasn’t expecting it and didn’t get the hook set, spit it out. Nothing else, but nice by the river.
I did some thinking on the grey tube for the big electric line, we can’t put it in whole as the metal is in the way, we’ll need to cut it in half to fit past the 45 braces. So I went to town and bought a 1-1/4 grey coupler for a buck, also a short nipple for the gas line and qty 4 – 3″ bolts to finish the water tank mounts. I installed one bolt, but didn’t feel like climbing under, we’ll get it. I ground down the screws that came through under the sink and drilled the hole for the other outside light so you can paint it over. That’s all I did.
One of the magazines you brought has an article on On Demand Water Heaters, read most of it piecemeal, good info. You should check it out, I’ll leave it open for you. Thinking about the gas line Tee fitting to supply the heater, we’ll need to move the Tee to the other side of the stud as the Tee is longer than the straight coupler and it’ll avoid the window. The stove fitting will move in a bit, no problem, but the outside will need to be trimmed back. I know Bosworth’s Merchantile has a thread die, used it before, we’ll get Harry to cut it, he’s reasonable. We’ll need an upright pipe anyway, we can swap the existing pipe up and get a new one from Harry cut to fit to the outside front. A couple elbows (RS?) and the nipple I had should put the heater outside under the eves low enough to be safe (may need to cut it a little shorter, Harry again).

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